Why your tractor is over heating

October 30, 2014
Asian Tractor Parts

Is your tractor over heating and not sure where to start? 

*Make sure tractor is cool before testing

Over heating can be caused by a number of things. First check that your coolant levels are correct. If they are fine then check to make sure that your fan belt is in good condition with no cracks and fits tightly on the pulley.
The most common reason for your tractor to over heat is usually a blown head gasket.Make sure your tractor is cool before checking for a blown head gasket! You can check your head gasket by filling your radiator with coolant, start tractor with radiator cap off and look for air bubble coming up through the coolant. If there are bubbles you need a new head gasket.
Check to make sure that your Radiator is clear of any debris. If your radiator is dirty spray it our with a hose till it is fully clean. Also make sure your radiator fan is in working condition and not broken. If the shaft of the water pump that attaches to the fan is wiggly then your water pump has bad bearings and will need to be replaced.
To order parts for your over heating tractor you will need to know the engine model. Look on the side of the engine block or the valve cover to find model information on a small metal plate. 

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