What you need to order parts for your Chinese built tractor – Jinma, Foton, Farm Pro, Ag King, NorTrack…

October 30, 2014
Asian Tractor Parts

 Finding ordering and finding parts difficult? You are not alone! From 2005-2009 Asian Tractor Parts had an over whelming number of customers looking for parts and support for their Chinese built tractors. It was mid 2009 we decided customer support and parts distribution was what people needed the most. 

When ordering and determining what parts you need for you tractor it is important that you know what model tractor and engine you have. Check for small metal plates inside the cab and on the dash to ensure what model tractor you have. If you have a Foton tractor you will find the code in the cab as wellWe are able to use the code in most cases to find out exactly parts were used in your tractor. For engine information you will need to find a small metal plate located on the valve cover or on the side of the block. Unfortunately there is no standard engine for every Chinese built tractors. The manufacturer of the tractor are different from the manufacturer of the engine. That’s why is it important to get as much information off your tractor as possible to help ensure you are ordering parts for the correct engine/tractor. We also have a large stock of manuals that will help make ordering a breeze. Our parts manuals have detailed break downs of different areas of your tractor along with the part numbers you will need to order parts. The break downs show you how the tractor goes together, helping to make fixing your tractor easier.
We also rely a great deal on picture sharing. The world of Chinese tractor parts can sometimes be a challenge but by taking and sending pictures we can double check that we are sending the correct parts and confirm we are on the same page. If you are unsure at any moment that you may not be ordering the correct part please email any and all pictures you have taken of the part(s) in question.
The more you know about the tractor the easier it will be for you to order parts. Just know that you are not alone and that we are here to support you on your quest for high quality new tractor parts.

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